The room was filled with a heavy silence as the doctor delivered the news, causing tension to suffocate the air.

The young mother, Bella, was taken aback, her mind racing with worry. Could there be something wrong with her precious newborn triplets?

The birth had gone smoothly, and the triplets were deemed perfectly healthy.

But Bella didn’t know that one of her daughters had a completely unique situation!

As Bella stood there, shell-shocked, her eyes fixed on the door, the realization sunk in that the delivery of the triplets had been a resounding success.

However, a cloud of unease still lingered in the room, casting a shadow over the joyous occasion.
Bella’s husband, Josh, held their newborns in his arms and could not stop looking at them.

But Bella sensed that a storm was brewing on the horizon.

As the doctor left to check the newborns’ examination results, Bella’s maternal instinct stirred, signaling that this would not be a routine visit.

The moment the doctor entered the ward, Bella could already discern that the news would not be comforting.

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