What is the cause of your existence? Have you ever puzzled? Have you ever attended a funeral, touched the dead frame, listened to the eulogies, and requested your self, “Why am I alive?” or “What am I doing with myself?” Maybe the questions arrest you while you come upon the infinite expanse of an ocean or the lumbering enormity of a mountain. Nature has that mystical strength to raise our internal gaze and motive us to invite massive and essential questions. Just a short stroll withinside the woods below a cover of trees, surrounded with the aid of using 1,000,000 unseen organisms has the strength to re-attention our interest farfar from the distractions of day by day existence ! and again to the ones haunting, regularly perplexing, questions of cause.

Best-promoting creator Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has recommended that the cause of existence is to recognize God. Similarly, some other first-rate-promoting creator and pastor, Rick Warren, notes in The Purpose Driven Life that the look for existence’s cause starts offevolved with God. Both Dyer and Warren are accurate, we assume, however with the aid of using pointing us to God they location a larger – perhaps the most important – query squarely earlier than us: What will we suggest with the aid of using “God”?

Multiple non secular traditions throughout millennia have meditated at the divine. Taking simply one perception, albeit a constantly famous one, permit’s flip to Michelangelo’s 16th century depiction on the Sistine Chapel. Here one encounters the traditional white beard and muscle groups image. Does the cause of existence without a doubt start with this attractive, sixty-some thing grandfather with a piercing gaze and bulging biceps? Is this the fellow who we’re speculated to get to recognize with a view to completely recognize ourselves? Does he—the Man Upstairs—preserve the important thing to coming across our existence’s cause?

We do now no longer assume so. While a few would possibly discover internal notion with this perception of God, it does now no longer paintings for us. As we battle with questions of cause and that means, we’re simplest annoyed with the aid of using the literal and intellectual photographs and electricity conjured with the aid of using this traditional portrait of the divine.

While a number of non secular traditions factor to a God who’s “out-there” someplace, awaiting our prayers and possibly inclined to assist us (as a minimum to the quantity we’re aligning our lives with “His purposes”), we surprise whether or not our look for the divine, that means, and cause in our lives should begin “in-right here” someplace. Perhaps step one to coming across God and last that means in our lives is thru coming across and exploring the divinity that inhabits every one people.

We are suggesting that conventional notions of a God who has awareness, strength, and goodness thoroughly outside to us is likely a distraction that maintains us from spotting the divine capacity for flourishing that all people already consists of inside his or her Authentic Self. What might occur if we broke-freed from historical thoughts concerning humanity’s limitations, sinfulness, and powerlessness? What if we consciously rejected the language of divine figure dwelling outdoor and aside from us – this Father God “upstairs” or “obtainable” – to whom we as subservient youngsters have to appearance to and depend upon? What if we alternatively embraced a extra general idea of the divine because the animating and empowering Source of the whole lot that has been, is, and is probably created? What if our existence’s cause became understood as harmonizing with the Uni-Verse, the One Song that sustains and connects all people? What if we considered our last existence’s cause and future as understanding our Authentic Self, learnin! g to sing our personal music in concord with others, and gambling our personal song in live performance with this Animating Energy that connects the whole lot? Perhaps it’s miles in coming across our personal divine attributes after which residing a existence with the motive of taking part with God that we’d completely recognise our existence’s finest cause and that means.

These insights are historical and their notion rooted in our earliest texts. Consider the change among Eve and the Serpent withinside the legendary Garden of Eden. God had commanded Adam now no longer to devour fruit from the tree of the information of top and evil, due to the fact doing so, God warned, might bring about demise. But we’re advised that the Serpent became crafty, and the snake recommended to Eve that a long way from demise, taking and consuming the tree’s fruit might open Eve’s eyes, animate her focus, and make her like God. And the Serpent became proper. Eve took a chew of the luscious fruit, and she or he did now no longer die. She then shared the fruit with Adam, and he did now no longer die both. Rather, the eyes of each Eve and Adam had been opened, and, because the Serpent had predicted, the holy scripture tells us that they have become like Gods.

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