Understanding Your Cat’s Toilet Habits

Multiple Litter Boxes: Ensuring Accessibility and Privacy

If you have multiple cats, it’s important to provide an adequate number of litter boxes to avoid competition and stress. The general guideline is to have one litter box per cat, plus an additional box. Place the litter boxes in different locations throughout your home to ensure accessibility and privacy. Cats appreciate having options and the ability to retreat to a quiet space when using the litter box.

Litter Box Placement: Creating a Safe and Convenient Environment

The location of the litter box plays a significant role in your cat’s toilet habits. Choose a quiet and low-traffic area that provides privacy and a sense of security. Avoid placing the litter box near loud appliances, high-traffic areas, or areas with limited escape routes. Cats prefer a safe and undisturbed environment when using the litter box, so thoughtful placement is key.

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